The following are the Terms & Conditions applicable to the rental of a Static Caravan owned and /or operated by BB Holiday Rentals at: Lyons Robin Hood Holiday Park Coast Road Rhyl LL18 3UU Deposits, Payments and Security Bond • Booking Deposit A provisional booking will be accepted by us subject to receipt of £100.00 booking deposit within 5 (five) working days of date of invoice. Payment must be made by BACS transfer. Upon receipt of the deposit you will receive confirmation of the dates you have booked. If the deposit is not received within the 5 day period we may be assume that the booking is no longer required. • Payment Your invoice will detail the amount due, which will include the above deposit. As shown the deposit element will be due within 5 (five) working days of the date of invoice. Payment of the remainder of the invoice will be due 6 (six) weeks prior to the commencement of booking. If the balance is not received within the timeframe we may cancel your booking and you will forfeit your deposit. If your booking is for less than 6 weeks’ time the full balance of the invoice will be due within 5 days. • Security Bond Once payment is received in full, the £100.00 booking deposit will be held as a security bond. This will be fully refundable at the end of the hire period and will be returned by BACS transfer to the paying account within 7 (seven) working days of the end of hire, unless charges are due in respect of damages or the need for additional cleaning, whereby we reserve the right to withhold a proportion or the entirety of the bond. • Discounts Discounts will be applied at the time of booking and will be at our discretion. There is no direct affiliation with the partners shown on our website or guarantee of discounted rates. Cancellations • In the event of your needing to cancel your booking with us, you must do so in writing. Deposits are not refundable in the event of cancellation. • Should you need to cancel your booking prior to the commencement of the hire period, and you have paid the full amount; refunds may be considered at our discretion. This will depend on the time remaining to the commencement of hire and the ability for another booking to be taken as a replacement. • No refund will be made to you if the hire period has commenced and it becomes necessary for you to vacate prior to the end of the agreed period. • In the event that we need to cancel your booking due to the unavailability of the caravan or access to the site, you will be refunded in full, including your deposit. We will have no liability in respect of any other losses caused by such cancellation. Upon Commencement of Hire • The caravan may be occupied from 14:00hrs (2pm) onwards on the day the hire commences • You must immediately check the caravan and equipment in respect of cleanliness and damage and notify us immediately if there is a problem During the Hire Period • In the event of a maintenance problem you must notify us as soon as possible. • In the event that access is required for the purposes of rectifying any problem this must be facilitated. • You must not attempt any form of DIY under any circumstances • You must afford reasonable requests for access by us, our agents, site agents or statutory bodies. End of Hire Period • The caravan must be vacated by 10:00 (10am) on the last day of hiring. • All bins must be emptied • Any food items stored in the fridge or freezer must be removed – please do not turn the fridge or freezer off • All heating and lighting must be turned off • The caravan must be left in a clean and tidy condition • All personal belongings should be removed. • The keys must be secured as instructed. • There will be no extension to the end of hire date unless this is agreed in writing by BB Holiday Rentals Occupancy • The renter is afforded access to the caravan assigned to them by BB Holiday Rentals for the period of rental only. The renter shall have no rights in terms of occupancy or access outside of these dates for whatever reason. Damages and Losses • All breakages, damage or staining must be paid for. By accepting these Terms & Conditions you, the hirer, acknowledge liability in this regard. • It is your responsibility to inform us of any damage, staining, or missing items within 2 hours of arrival on the first day of rental. Failure to do so will render you liable. • Any charges in respect of damages, additional cleaning or replacement of items (as new) will initially be deducted from the security bond. Any charges over and above the bond amount will be invoiced directly to you and will be due for payment within 30 days of the date of invoice. • In the event that it is not possible for the caravan to be rented at the end of your rental period because of these damages or losses you will be liable for the cost of rental until repairs have been affected. Rental charges will be at the standard daily rate for the period in question. Pets • We are extremely Dog Friendly, therefore at the owner’s discretion, dogs are allowed. This must be agreed at the time of booking and a surcharge may be applied. • Dogs are not permitted on furniture or in beds. Please bring along your own bedding, bowls and towels. • Dogs should not be left unattended in the caravan for long periods and must not cause a noise nuisance • Dogs should be on a lead at all times while around the site. Note that there are certain areas on site where dogs are not permitted. Registered assistance dogs are permitted in all areas in accordance with the law. • You may be asked to leave if your dog causes a nuisance • If you, or any member of your party, have a pet allergy, we cannot accept any liability or responsibility in terms of any subsequent health reaction. Bed Linen & Towels • If bed linen is required, this must be specified at the time of booking and a surcharge may be applied. All linen is laundered and fresh for each booking. Please note that if you or any member of your party suffers from allergies in respect of detergents or types of material you must provide your own linen. No liability will be accepted by us in this regard. • Towels will not be provided. Smoking and Vaping • Smoking or vaping is not permitted inside the caravan under any circumstances. If you wish to smoke you may do so on the decking or in the area surrounding the caravan. You must not leave any smoking litter in the surrounding area. Use of Prohibited Substances • Please note that we operate zero-tolerance in respect of the use of illegal drugs and substances. Special Needs & Statutory Regulations • We are responsible for complying with all applicable Statutory Regulations and Discrimination Acts affecting customers, the caravan and its equipment. If you or a member of your party has any special needs or requests you must discuss and agree these with us at the time of booking. • We cannot guarantee that any requests will be met and any failure to meet such requests will not be deemed a breach of contract. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the caravan and any access to it is suitable for your needs prior to booking. Decking Areas It is not permissible to use any form of open fire or barbecue on the decking area. Please be aware that the decking and stairs may become slippery in wet or icy conditions, the owner will accept no liability in respect of injury caused by its use. Use of Barbecue and Other Equipment We have provided a barbecue and outside seating for your use. Please ensure that the barbecue is thoroughly cleaned after use and that these facilities are respected at all times. Use of Site Facilities • The use of Lyons Robin Hood site facilities are subject to charges that are not included within the rental costs. You will need to purchase wristbands for each member of your group from the site main reception or your first day. You will also be given the code of the week for the barrier. • You must comply with all site rules and regulations at all times. These can be found on the Lyons Robin Hood website or from the main reception office. Speed limits apply throughout the site. • The site owners have the right to decline access to the site in the event of a breach of their rules and regulations. In this event BB Holiday Rentals have no liability in the event of any loss incurred and no refund of rental or other charges will be made. • Please note that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Health & Safety • Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility. In the event that you notice something that could potentially be a hazard within the caravan itself you must inform us as soon as is reasonably possible. • Any concerns regarding Health & Safety in respect of the park itself must be reported to both BB Holiday Rentals and the Lyons Robin Hood site management. • Speed limits apply throughout the site Complaints • Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable holiday. If, however you have any cause for complaint regarding the caravan itself then you must contact us as soon as the issue arises so that the matter may be speedily addressed. • We cannot subsequently consider any complaint or enter into correspondence about the complaint unless this process has been followed. • If you chose to terminate your rental period early for any reason and do not give us a reasonable opportunity to resolve the problem, then we will not be liable in respect of any refunds. We will not be liable for any associated losses. Liability and Losses • We accept no liability in respect of the loss or damage to any item of property or vehicle belonging to, or in the charge of, the hirer. • BB Holiday Rentals and Lyons Holiday parks do not accept any liability in respect of illness, injury, accident or disease arising from the hire of this caravan or the use of the park facilities including acts of god or extreme weather conditions • By making payment of the booking deposit, rental charges and any associated surcharges you are confirming agreement to these terms & conditions in their entirety, • Should you have any queries in respect of any items herein you must address these with us prior to payment. • We accept no liability in respect of the unavailability of any site facilities. • We reserve the rights to refuse any rental without reason. • In the event of a material breach of these terms & conditions we may terminate this agreement without notice and deny you further access to the caravan with the exception of collecting your personal belongings. • These Terms & Conditions do not affect your statutory rights. General Booking Conditions • Bookings will only be accepted where the principal hirer is 21 (twenty-one) years of age or above. • The principal hirer must form part of the party and be on site for the duration of the rental period • Stag and Hen groups are not permitted • Over occupancy is not permitted • The principal hirer is responsible for the conduct of all members of the party • Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated