All drivers must meet the following mandatory conditions:

All drivers must be between 25 and 69 years of age.

All drivers must produce their full domestic driving licence plus 2 other forms of identification, one should bear their signature and full address and all drivers must be present at the time of hire. And sign the insurance documents and hire agreement.

All drivers must have held a full driving licence and have had driving experience over the last 36 months. Visitors from abroad must produce a full domestic licence.

Comprehensive insurance is provided by Pronto Vehicle Rentals and is included in the hire charge, but the hirer is liable for the first £750 for any damage to the motor home, both internally and externally including internal fixtures and fittings. The £750 insurance deposit is payable by debit/credit card when collecting motorhome . The motor home is only insured for the contract period, therefore, driving the motor home outside the contract period may result in a road traffic offence; also the hirer would be entirely responsible for the accidental damage, injury and consequential loss after the expiry of the hire agreement. The insurance deposit will be refunded by post if the vehicle is returned on time, undamaged, clean and the toilet emptied. Pronto Vehicle Rentals reserves the right to amend the deposit depending on itinerary and length of hire.

A booking reservation of £200 per week is payable at the time of making the reservation and will be deducted from the total hire charge. This deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation. However, in the event of the motor home being re-hired the deposit may be refunded.

Payment details by either Credit Card, Cheque with cleared funds or Cash.

Payment by cheque to be made payable to Pronto Vehicle Rentals

Payment balance - The payment balance must be received 6 weeks before the collection date. the £750.00 deposit is payable on collection day by credit/debit card All payments ,other than the £750.00 insurance deposit, are non refundable. Insurance cover is advised to safeguard against this possibility.

The Motor homes are available for collection at pre arranged times to be discussed when booking and must be returned at pre arranged times as per hire contract at time of collection. Your Co-operation in returning the motor home on the arranged date and time is essential in order that the motor home is available for the next hire. Failure to return the motor home on time will incur a surcharge of £100 per day or part day, plus the daily hire rate. Please return vehicle in a clean and undamaged condition. Pronto Vehicle Rentals reserves the right to charge £50 if the toilet is not emptied and clean. Pronto Vehicle Rentals also reserves the right to deduct from the insurance deposit, the cost of any repairs or cleaning that maybe required. At any time after the hire period. Pronto Vehicle Rentals shall be entitled to repossess the motor home and the hirer on demand shall pay for expenses incurred.

Diesel, oil and punctures - The motor home is available with a full tank of diesel and is to be returned with a full tank, otherwise a deduction will be made from the insurance deposit. The hirer is responsible to carry out daily checks on oil, water levels and tyre pressure. Any punctures or tyre damage are at the hires expense.

Breakdown or accident - In the event of a breakdown or accident AA / RAC assistance is at the disposal of the hirer. The hirer may give permission for repairs or replacement of parts at a cost up to £30.00. Pronto Vehicle Rentals approval must be obtained in respect of repairs or replacement in excess of £30.00. The money will be refunded on production of a valid receipt.

Pronto Vehicle Rentals is not responsible for any consequential loss or expense subsequent to a breakdown, although a refund of the day’s hire charge will be refunded for any full day loss of use of the motor home. Every effort is made to ensure that all the motor homes are in a safe and road worthy condition before they leave the premises, but Pronto Vehicle Rentals shall be under no liability for third party claims or damages in connection with, or consequence to any breakdown or accident. In the event of an accident involving the motor home a complete accident report must be made out and handed to Pronto Vehicle Rentals at the time of termination of the hire. All accidents or damage must be reported to Pronto Vehicle Rentals. In the event of an accident please make sure you obtain all names and addresses and vehicle information of all third parties and their insurance details. Also any witnesses details if applicable. A sketch of the accident may be helpful. Do not admit liability.

Car parking - Car parking is provided free to the hirer for the duration of the hire period (at owner’s risk).

If, due to circumstances beyond our control, the motor home is not available, Pronto Vehicle Rentals reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative motor home. If this is not acceptable, or another motor home is not available, the liability of Pronto Vehicle Rentals will be limited to a refund of monies paid, and the hirer shall have no further claims against Pronto Vehicle Rentals. Travel insurance is recommended which will cover cancellation costs, personal luggage, money loss, personal accident and medical expenses.

Cancellation by Pronto Vehicle Rentals - Pronto Vehicle Rentals may cancel the hire of the motor home if, at the time of collection, the drivers licences are invalid or not in accordance with the terms and conditions. In these circumstances all monies paid by the hirer (except the insurance deposit) will be forfeited.

Any and all fines incurred by the hirer for the infringement of traffic laws or regulations shall be paid in full by the hirer, who indemnifies Pronto Vehicle Rentals.

Smoking and pets - Smoking and pets are not permitted in any motor home and any infringement of this condition will result in a loss of part of the insurance deposit. For the benefit of other users, your co-operation is most appreciated. There is no charge for mileage.
Winter hire - In the case of winter hire, Pronto Vehicle Rentals will not be and cannot be held responsible in the event of any damage or inconveniences caused by freezing conditions. This is the responsibility of the hirer.

Pronto Vehicle Rentals reserves the right to vary rates, conditions and specification without notice. Pronto Vehicle Rentals also reserves the right to refuse hire to any person. All rental agreements are subject to the standard terms and conditions of the agreements supplement as above.