Carlisle Campers Hiring Terms and Conditions

Contract Details

• By signing the booking form the customer agrees to these terms and conditions.
• This contract is formed with Carlisle Campers
11 Crosshill Drive,
Cumbria, CA2 6RS.
• The business proprietor is Jennifer Wells.
• All references to us or we refers to Carlisle Campers and references to you, customer, hirer or driver refers to you the hirer.
• If you do not abide by these terms and conditions when collecting the camper then it is within the right of Carlisle Campers to cancel your hire agreement.
• Travel is allowed within the UK mainland only
• You acknowledge that the van is owned by Carlisle Campers and sub-letting or hiring of the van to third parties is not permitted.
• If you require any assistance in understanding these terms and conditions then please contact Carlisle Campers for clarification.


Vehicle insurance requirements for Drivers
• Drivers must be between the ages of 23-75 years old
• Second / Additional drivers must provide the same information/documents as the main driver
• Drivers must have held their license for at least 2 years and no more than 6 penalty points
• Drivers must not have more than 2 convictions and not more than 3 points per conviction
• Drivers must not have had their license suspended for any period in the last 3 years
• There is a security deposit of £150 for drivers over 25 and an excess of £300 for drivers under 25
• Drivers must not have been involved in more than 1 accident in the last 3 years where they were at fault
• All drivers must provide a photocopy or scanned image of both sides of their driving license along with a driving license check code.
For details on how to do this then see :
• All drivers must provide a copy of 2 utility bills not more than 3 months old
• Insurance is only valid for the named driver / drivers for the duration of the hire.
No other drivers are covered via their own policies, etc
• It is the responsibility of the main driver to be liable for any damage caused by any members of the hiring party, including third party costs.

Personal insurance

• It is the responsibility of the hirer to have their own personal insurance to cover the cost of their own belongings.
Carlisle Campers accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to hirer’s personal belongings.
• It is also the responsibility of the hirer to have insurance for their own vehicle if left with us during the hire period.
Carlisle Campers accept no responsibility for any loss or damage during the hire period.

Insurance Excess

• In the case of an accident the insurance excess is £500 for people over 23 and £600 for people under 23 years of age.
The security deposit will be held if required.

Fines and Liability

- Drivers are responsible for all penalties which occur during the rental period of the van.
Examples are such as speeding fines, car parking fines, road tolls etc.
- You are fully responsible for damage caused by failure to assess the height of the vehicle.
This includes damage to the vehicle and damage o third party objects / property.
- You must use the campervan and its contents responsibly and comply with our instructions and health and safety guidelines.
Where no guidelines or advice are given you must assume that “normal” and “common sense” rules apply.
- You will be liable for repairs or replacement of the engine damage if it is found that damage has been caused to the engine due to driving too fast or ignoring engine warning lights.

Security Deposit

-a security deposit of £150 (£300 for under 25's) is to be provided before the hire period can commence.
This is to be provided via bank transfer with cleared funds prior to van collection. The security deposit will be refunded to the hirer
within 7 days from the end of the hire period by bank transfer as long as the terms in the hire agreement are met. The terms are as follows.

• The campervan to be returned with a full tank of diesel ( a cost of £25.00 will be charge plus fuel cost if the van is returned not full)
• The campervan and equipment is clean and in the same condition as rented out
• All equipment stated on the inventory to be present and undamaged (a cost of £20 per hour will apply if equipment is not clean)
• The campervan must be returned by the agreed time ( a fee of £50 per hour will apply as the van may be required by the next hirer)
• All equipment to be free from damage (damages must be reported and payed for)
• The mileage allowance has not been exceeded

The security deposit shall be used to pay for any of the above costs if required.
Should any of the above costs exceed the amount of the security deposit then the hirer is liable to pay any additional costs.
If the costs do not reach the total of the security deposit then the difference will be refunded. Deductions if required will be made honestly and fairly.

Parking for your vehicle We have off road parking for your vehicle available when you hire the campervan.
Please note that we do not accept any liability for your vehicle whilst parked on our premises.