Please read the following T&C’s before filling out your insurance form. The insurance form will arrive by post. When completed, please return your signed insurance form to our mailing address at: Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays, Unit 2 Fishbourne Quay, Ashlake Copse Road, Ryde, IOW, PO33 4EY. If your booking deposit is to be paid by cheque, please make it payable to “Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays. We will have a printed copy of these Terms and Conditions for you to sign upon your arrival on the IOW.
The Hirer/Drivers
• Owner/We/Us: Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays
• Customer/Hirer: The person paying for vehicle hire.
• Driver/Nominated Driver: The person(s) entitled to drive the vehicle.
Hirer / Driver leave their private vehicle at our premises entirely at own risk.
The insured vehicle shall be driven only by the Hirer or by other permitted drivers who have completed and signed a Hirer’s Agreement Form immediately prior to any hiring. Additional drivers may be added to the Insurance Policy at an additional cost of £10/day provided they meet the same criteria as set out in this agreement and upon clarification by the Insurance Underwriter.
1. Driver Requirements
Driver must:
• 1. Have held a full UK, EU, USA, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or EEA including Switzerland driving licence for not less than 2 years. Overseas licence holders resident in the UK may use their EU / EEA licence provided they have not been resident more than 3 years (if you are resident for longer than 3 years you must apply for a UK licence). Overseas Licence Holders resident in the UK from other permitted countries may only drive on that licence for up to 1 year before applying for a UK licence. Drivers from outside permitted countries may still use our vehicles at the discretion of our insurers - please contact us in advance of booking.
• 2.(a) Have not more than 6 points on their licence (for minor offences, e.g. SP30) committed over the previous 5 years. At our sole discretion, and on application prior to hire, we may refer to our insurer for an extension of cover should this criteria not be met, at additional security deposit
• 2.(b) Have not committed any serious offence including, but not limited to, those listed below, which must be referred to us before booking:
o BA Disqualified Driver
o CD Careless Driving
o DR Drink/Drug Driving
o TT or XX Disqualification through totting up points
o UT Theft or unauthorised taking of a vehicle
o CU80 Breach of requirements as to control of the vehicle, such as using a mobile phone
o IN10 Using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks
o DD Dangerous Driving
o AC Accident Offences At our sole discretion prior to hire, we will refer to our insurer for an extension of cover which may be granted with an additional security deposit payment.
• 3. Have not had more than 2 claims (fault or non-fault) for accidents or loss during the previous 3 years.
• 4. Not be suspended from driving
• 5. Be in possession of a valid licence which we will require sight of.
• 6. Not have been refused insurance at any time, nor has had their insurance cancelled.
• 7. You must inform us if you suffer from any mental or physical condition that could affect our insurance cover so that we may seek approval from the underwriter.
• 8. Be aged between 25 and 75 years inclusive. Drivers aged 76 - 79 may be able to hire by referral.
• 9. Consent to verification of information provided by to us via DVLA or any other source.
• 10. Disclose all relevant information on our Insurance Proposal form as failure to do so may render our insurance policy invalid or rejection of any claim and we will therefore hold you solely responsible for any losses, including consequential loss, damages and legal fees resultant for which you agree to indemnify us.
• 11. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 consent to records being held in order that we can apprise Driver of our other offers and services.
• 12. Be responsible for any fines, penalties, court costs or other expenses imposed on us arising from the use of the vehicle during the hire period, except insofar that the court action is the fault of Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays.
• 13. Comply with the Highway Code and all laws pertaining to the Road Traffic Act whilst using the vehicle.
• 14. Indemnify Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays in the event of any parking fines and/or loss of earnings whilst the vehicle in impounded as a result of the fault of the driver.
• 15. Be fit to drive and not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst using the vehicle.
• 16. Sign a copy of these terms and conditions.

The hirer and drivers shall be required to present their driving licence on commencement of the hire (photo card or paper licence). The licence must be free of endorsements except for minor speeding or traffic offences (SP30/40/60) with no previous disqualifications. Drivers with a history of accidents may be refused hire or may have to pay an additional insurance surcharge.
The hirer must present photographic ID (i.e. passport or driving licence) plus a current proof of permanent address (i.e. P60, Utility bill or bank statement) prior to hire. Drivers incurring fines during their hire (i.e. parking/speeding offences/congestion charges) shall be personally liable, and an additional administration fee will be charged of £25.
The hirer must also consent to a photograph being taken at the time of hire.

The Insurance cover provided is Fully Comprehensive. The rate includes a standard excess of £750; in the event of any accident or damage the hirer will be liable for this excess. The hirer is liable for replacement of damaged windscreens, tyres or engine (following damage through misuse). Personal effects are not insured through this cover. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to provide their own insurance to cover personal items; we would recommend travel/holiday insurance is purchased from a reputable company.

Security Deposit
On signing the Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays Hire Agreement you agree to either pay a £250 security deposit prior to hire which will need to be cleared funds by BACS or cheque OR alternatively provide credit card details upon arrival. If the vehicle is returned at the agreed time, without damage to the van or its contents including tents and camping equipment, clean and with full tank of fuel (or level as agreed), the security deposit will be refunded in full, within 7 days OR the credit card details will be returned to the hirer. If the vehicle is subject to damage whilst in the care of the Hirer including interior damage, theft of radio, vandalism, damage to camping equipment and tents the Hirer will be liable for the costs of all repairs or replacements. 1) If the cost of repair exceeds the Security deposit, the balance of repairs shall be passed on to the Hirer OR 2) The credit card provided will be charged.
The vehicle (interior & exterior) must be returned in a clean and considerate condition. If this is not the case and excessive cleaning is required, charges will be made to the Hirer at a rate of £25 /hr or part of. Late return of vehicles will automatically render the Hirer liable for an additional charge of £25 for each late hour or part of. If vehicles are returned without a full tank of fuel or at the agreed level, the Hirer will be charged for each litre of fuel at a rate of £2 per litre. The Hirer is responsible for the care, security and condition of the campervans throughout the hire period.

Breakdown, Accidents & Incidents
Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays will hand over the vehicle in good mechanical condition. If you have any difficulties report these immediately to us. In the event of a breakdown, RAC Relay or repair services will be provided. If you incur any minor repair bills (provided the hirer was not directly responsible for the damage) we will reimburse you up to £50 for rectifying mechanical failure to the drive train and engine of the vehicle. Just produce your valid VAT receipt on the completion of your hire. Repairs costing in excess of £50 must be authorised by “Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays” PRIOR to the work being undertaken.
In the event of a breakdown and where Isla or Dylan are hired for use on the Isle of Wight, we reserve the right to offer a replacement vehicle which would be a Classic 1970’s VW Type 2 campervan. If we are unable to offer a replacement campervan on the Isle of Wight, due to availability, or if the breakdown occurs on the UK mainland or in Europe where we cannot offer a replacement Classic T2 campervan we will be responsible for your reasonable and foreseeable costs/expenses for your return to the Isle of Wight unless the issue was caused by your negligence. Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays shall not be held liable for any losses incurred e.g. missed ferry crossings, booked accommodation/activities, replacement vehicle costs or any other consequential loss or claims arising from campervan breakdown or an accident.
Our liability extends to either replacing your van with a Classic T2 (for Isle of Wight use only) or where that is not possible or you do not agree to the alternative vehicle, we will refund the hirer on a daily pro-rated basis for any full days that the hirer loses due to the vehicle breakdown. Where possible, you will need to return to Camper HQ in Fishbourne, preferably with the RAC Relay service returning your original campervan, to collect a replacement vehicle if available. If you have caused the breakdown through your own actions you will be liable for all costs incurred and we will not refund you any unused days of hire. If you have broken down you must remain at a safe distance from the van until the RAC Recovery Vehicle arrives. You must not abandon the van at the roadside. If you choose not to return to the Isle of Wight you must only hand over the keys to the authorised RAC Recovery Vehicle Driver. If you abandon the vehicle, we will deduct any transport and labour costs incurred in returning the van to Camper HQ in Fishbourne and any costs arising from loss or damage to the van whilst it is unattended from your Security Deposit.
Road Traffic Accidents and theft must be reported to the nearest Police Station, and Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays immediately and if requested an accident report form should be completed. In the event of theft a Police Incident number must be obtained.
Incidents caused through negligence such as wrong fuel, loss of keys, overhead damage, driving with engine warning lights on, driving off road, racing or general speeding or driving with any known fault will automatically be charged to the Hirer.

Isla and Dylan, our VW T5 campervans have Diesel engines. Vehicles are hired out and are to be returned with the Diesel level as received and signed for. (See Security Deposit)

There is no maximum mileage restriction whilst driving on the Isle of Wight. Travel across the Solent for use on the mainland is only permitted with prior agreement from Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays at which time a fair mileage will be discussed and agreed upon.

Smoking Policy
Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays operates a strict NO SMOKING policy in all of their vehicles.

Pet Policy
The Hirer will not allow any animals to be carried in the vehicle unless agreed in writing by Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays before travel. The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that any damage, repair costs or extra valeting costs incurred from a pet being in the vehicle must be paid in full by the Hirer.

Collection & Returns
Please allow 30-40 minutes for both collections and returns. Vehicles are available for collection at 14:00 p.m. (unless otherwise agreed). The Hirer is advised to check the vehicle thoroughly before leaving Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays premises. The breakdown or malfunction of equipment, after the vehicle has left the premises will not be accepted as reason to abort or cancel the Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays Rental Agreement; any such fault will be rectified as soon as possible.
Vehicles must be returned by 10.00am unless previously arranged & agreed. Failing to comply with these times will result in the Hirer being surcharged at the rate of £25 per hour or part of, together with any additional costs incurred by Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays (e.g. compensation to the next Hirer). No refund is given for an early return of the vehicle.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations must be made in writing and are charged at the following rates:
• · More than 6 weeks before: £100 or to the value of Non-refundable booking deposit.
• · 6 weeks - 2 weeks: 50% of total hire charge
• · 2 weeks - No Show: 100% of total hire charge
If a £250 Security Deposit has been paid it will be refunded in full provided no other sums are unpaid by way of deposit or otherwise.
The Company reserves the right to cancel the hire if at the commencement of the hire the driver's license is invalid or not in accordance with the conditions set out above. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited.
Isle of Wight Campervan Holidays reserves the right to refuse hire to any person without explanation or prior warning.
Use of vehicle statement
I, the Hirer, agree that during the rental period I will not and will not allow the vehicle to be:
• 1. Driven otherwise than in a cautious, prudent and normal manner.
• 2. Used in a manner that could cause damage to it or the vehicle’s hired contents.
• 3. Driven in a prohibited area.
• 4. Driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• 5. Left with the ignition key in the vehicle while it is unoccupied.
• 6. Left unoccupied with the radio/cd faceplate in place (if applicable).
• 7. Driven by persons under the age of 25 years or over 75 years.
• 8. Driven by persons not authorised by Law to drive the vehicle.
• 9. Damaged by submersion in water.
• 10. Damaged by contact with salt water.
• 11. Used for any illegal purpose.
• 12. Used for racing, rally or contest.
• 13. Used to tow any vehicle or trailer.
• 14. Used to carry passengers or property for hire and reward.
• 15. Used to carry more persons than lawfully permitted.
• 16. Used to carry volatile liquids, gases, explosives or other corrosive or inflammable materials (excluding the camping Gas bottle).
• 17. Otherwise used in breach of my obligations under this agreement.

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