Terms & Conditions

We will require the following items to ensure your holiday is not delayed, we require you to send us the following identification items (unless you have already sent them), along with your full payment at least 14 days prior to departure:

Personal Identification Requirements
2 items of proof residential ID of the hirer (Utility bill, or credit card statement is acceptable)
Copy of driving licence for each driver The paper part only is o.k.
You need to have the following items when collecting
(Note we cannot release the vehicle without these items being present)
Vehicle Familiarisation

There is plenty to cover during our vehicle familiarization session, which lasts approximately 1/2 hour. Please ensure that you allow time for this induction process. The vehicle is fully equipped, but you must bring your own bedding and towels.
Security deposit. A £500 CASH security deposit is required on the day of hire this is returnable subject to inspection of the motorhome on its return.
Free Parking

We have free secure parking at our depot if you would like to leave your car here, at your own risk. Airport and train station pick up service available by negotiation.
Breakdown Cover

Free breakdown cover is included in cost of hiring motorhome.

Only persons named on the reservation form are permitted to drive the hire vehicle.

Telephone bookings can be made, but only held for up to 5 days, until a booking deposit of £250 is received. The booking deposit is non refundable in event of cancellation. Along with booking fee we must receive a completed reservation form.

All motorhomes are comprehenively insured for the named drivers during the hire period only. Additional drivers can be added at an extra charge, prices available on request.
Although the vehicle is comprehensively insured, this does not cover personal losses and we strongly advise you to take out travel insurance cover prior to your holiday .
Every accident or damage to the vehicle must be reported to D.G. Motorhomes immediately by telephone and an accident form must be completed at the end of the hire period.
Any damage to tyres, windscreen and any theft of personal property is not covered by our insurance and any such damage shall be at your expense.
Driving by non named drivers and any late returns of motorhomes renders the insurance invalid and the driver therefore commits an offence under the road traffic act, and will be solely responsible for any damages or personal injuries incurred.
Late returns will be surcharged at £50 per hour, or part thereof.
Limitations & Liabilities

D.G. Motorhome accepts no responsibiliy for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accomodation costs or any other loss claims arising from a motorhome breakdown or accident.
The hirer:
is liable for any cost incurred for speeding or parking fines, congestion charges or any other offences committed under the road trafffic act regulations.
shall not carry more passengers than the seating capacity of the vehicle and will ensure that seatbelts are worn by all passengers while vehicle is in motion.
The hirer is responsible for ensuring that they operate the vehicle within the restrictions of there driving license i.e. tests passed after Jan 1997 do not allow license holders to drive vehicles over 3500kg M.G.W.* without passing a further test.
The hirer is also responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is not operated in excess of its permitted M.G.W.*
* maximum gross weight
Vehicle Condition

Before commencement of hire the hirer is advised to check the vehicle thoroughly before leaving the premises of D.G. Motorhomes.
The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when hired, with the interior and appliances clean. D.G. Motorhome will charge £30 for the cleaning of any un-emptied chemical toilets and for the cleaning of dirty carpets or upholstery.
Fuel & Gas

A full tank of fuel is supplied with the vehicle at commencement of hire and the hirer is expected to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. There will be a surcharge of £25 plus the cost of fuel for any fuel shortage.
The hirer will be liable if incorrect fuel type is used.
The vehicle is supplied with 2 bottles of gas. At least one of these bottles will be full. The cost of any refills thereafter will be the responsibility of the hirer, who shall also ensure two bottles of the same type and size are returned with the vehicle with at least one bottle being full. In the event that none are full on return of vehicle then there will be a £25 charge for 8kg and £35 for 13kg.
Selection of vehicles

We at D.G. Motorhome Hire reserve the right to offer different models with similar specifications to those advertised or booked.
Rates and conditions can alter at any time for which we reserve the right to change.
Mis-use / damage / accident

We reserve the right to repossess the vehicle at any time due to these circumstances.
Cancellation/Non turn up

In the unlikely event that you have to cancel your motorhome hire then we would require a confirmation letter in writing.
Should you cancel your confirmed booking in excess of 4 weeks but less than 8 weeks then your booking deposit will be forfeited.
Bookings cancelled up to 28 days then no refund shall be given and any outstanding balance which is due is also non refundable.
If you do not turn up then complete hire charge will be forfeited and is non returnable.

Whilst every effort is made to make sure the vehicle you have hired is ready at the day and time of hire commencement, situations sometimes beyond our control may arise and we accept no liabilities other than a refund of any complete day/days lost.