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Advertising FAQs


What happens when I register?

You sign up for an account and, using our straightforward step-by-step process, you create your listing. During this process, we gather information about your rental as well as your trading preferences. Once complete, you can update your calendar, prices, description, etc., ensuring that your listing is accurate.

Our team is on hand to guide you in setting up your listing and to assist you in sidestepping common mistakes.

Adding photos

What kinds of photos should I upload?

When you register, we encourage you to share images of your rental. This is because guests enjoy viewing pictures while choosing their accommodations. We suggest sharing images of both the interior and exterior of your space. Don't worry about professional quality; even smartphone pictures can effectively capture the essence of your place for potential guests.

Updating your listing

Will I be able to update my account/listing details at a later date?

After registering with us, you can modify your details whenever you wish via your dashboard. Whether you offer a new facility or wish to share more about the rental, you can update this information at your own convenience.


Do I need to keep my availability calendar up to date?

Ideally you should keep your calendar up to date. However, we understand that you may list your rental accross multiple platforms as well as your own website, so keeping your availabilty up to date can be a chore. For this reason we offer a calendar syncing tool, that allows our calendar to be synchronised with others.

Going live

When will my listing be published?

Once you've successfully completed the listing creation process, our dedicated team reviews the provided details. After ensuring that everything is ok, they then proceed to publish your listing. This process can take up to 24 hours, and we email you once completed.

Once live, potential guests will make enquiries/check availability via your listing.

Dealing with enquiries

Do customers contact me directly?

Yes, customers have the option to contact you directly; they also have the option generate an upfront quote and make a provisional reservation via your listing (self managed excluded). Don't worry if the reservation does not work for you, you can simply decline it.

Depending on the account you have, enquiries are handled in the following ways

  • Fully managed - Customers contact you via our booking platform
  • Part managed - Customers contact you via our booking platform
  • Self managed - Customer enquiries are sent directly to your email address

Accepting a booking

Do I have to accept all bookings?

You can choose to either accept or decline a reservation. When you accept a reservation, we will process the payment and provide both you and the customer with a booking confirmation. This confirmation includes rental details, dates, any additional services, and contact information.

Declining a booking

What happens if I decline a reservation?

No worries, if for whatever reason you decline a reservation, we let the customer know the reservation has been declined and we release their payment.


When do I get paid?

This depends on the account you have with us

  • Fully managed - We pay you 24hrs after the customer checks in, by bank transfer
  • Part managed - You deal with payments directly with the customer
  • Self managed - You deal with payments directly with the customer


What happens if a guest cancels?

This depends on the account you have with us

  • Fully managed - We deal with cancellations and make refunds in line with the cancellation policy you've set on our platform
  • Part managed - You deal with cancellations using your own procedures
  • Self managed - You deal with cancellations using your own procedures


What happens if a customer damages my rental?

We recommend you take a damage deposit from the customer before the hire commences. Deposits help cover any potential damage caused by a guest, offering some reassurance that your property will be treated respectfully.


How does my customer leave a review?

When a customer has booked through our platform, they are encouraged to leave a review at the end of their rental period. We carefully review each submission for appropriateness before publication. Once the review is published, you will receive a notification, giving you the opportunity to respond to the review through your dashboard.

How we make our money

It's free to advertise, how do you make your money?

This depends on the account you have with us

  • Fully managed - We charge you 4% commission on bookings and we charge the customer a variable service charge
  • Part managed - We charge the customer a variable service charge
  • Self managed - We charge an annual fee to advertise on our platform
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